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Women's Initiative for Peace will meet all parties!

Women's Initiative for Peace will meet all parties!

Tarih 19 Mayıs 2013, 23:04 Editör

An action plan will be formulated for the UN Resolution 1325!

A monitoring group will be organized to follow the process!

Women's Initiative for Peace will meet all parties!

An action plan will be formulated for the UN Resolution 1325!

A monitoring group will be organized to follow the process!

As Women's Initiative for Peace we organized a conference at Boğaziçi University Rector's Conference Hall on 4 May 2013. The conference was held under the title of "Women are taking an active role in the peace process". At the conference we created a roadmap to determine the ways through which we can become part of the peace process. The date of the conference was the same with the one which is named as the "black day" in the history of Turkey; which was the day that the Council of Ministers decided for a planned massacre in a region called Dersim. Hereby, we would like to emphasize again that confronting our near history is highly important for the actualization of societal peace.

Struggle for peace in Turkey is not new. During the years of war, we as women experienced, witnessed and reported how war returned to us as male violence, impoverishment, loss of language, disidentification, exclusion and deprivation of rights. We exposed the ways militarism and nationalism provoked masculinity and persistently emphasized our demands for peace.

The experience Women's Initiative for Peace accumulated in the last 4 years of peace struggle and the examples in the world showed us that an anti-sexist fair, equitable, and sustainable peace is not possible without women. This is why we believe that:

-women should take an active part in the negotiations,
-the process should be transparent, and
-women's demands ought to be included in peace agreements.

We came together in many cities, and we talked and conveyed our words to each other to determine the ways women will take part in the peace and negotiation processes. We brought together  all that was expressed in these workshops in the conference.

200 women attended the conference. Among to the participants were components of the women's movement, feminists, women from the Democratic Free Women's Movement, women's organizations, women from different religions and ethnic groups, women from LGBT people, women from trade unions, women from professional organizations, women from political parties, women in the parliament, journalist women, women from academia, human rights defender women, and women from various provinces.

Turkey's Obligation Under the UN Resolution 1325

We discussed the ways women took part in the formal and informal negotiation processes in the world and how Turkey’s obligation under the UN Security Council resolution 1325 can be implemented.

We accept the United Nations Resolution 1325 as our compass for women's qualified and equal representation of women in negotiation processes.

The government does not hold a national plan for the despite the fact that it is taken by the UN Security Council. We strongly believe that it is essential for Turkey to develop a “national plan” for the implementation of 1325. Herewith we call upon all women MPs to pressure for the formulation of an action plan. We women will be closely watching over this process.

We Establish Our Mechanisms!

As a result of the conference we decided to create a monitoring group and an observer group. Peace negotiation processes contain great opportunities as well as various risks for women. It is the right time now to say these aloud: "We were, are and will be part of this process." Therefore, it is of vital importance to take part in this process through all our effective means and by growing in number. Because we believe that freedom of each one of us depends on the other's.

As Women's Initiative for Peace, we announce that we will intervene in formal and informal negotiation processes through new methods which we are going to create. Firstly, we call the government once again to actualize the equal representation of women in all delegations.

The contact group will conduct transparent and open meetings with all parties of the negotiation process; with women from the political parties in the parliament, minister women, guerrilla women, and women's organizations from all the regions. The group will share the results of these meetings with women.

The observer group will monitor the parties for a sustainable negotiation process, warn the parties of violations, insist on the equal and qualified representation of women and share the criticisms with the public and prepare reports.

Based on these mechanisms, we will take our part for the prevention of conflict, provision of peace and development of the solution.

We are going to establish commissions to highlight the truths with regard to women in war and to determine the ways that gender equality should take place in all the agreement texts primarily in the constitution. We are going to share all the work we did and will do with the public.

The process of solution and peace should completely be free from violence!

On May 8, during the withdrawal of the PKK forces that will begin tomorrow, the two sides should avoid settings that will create a conflict, a possible harming of anyone should be prevented, military operations should be terminated. Negotiation process should be carried out in equal, fair and free conditions.

The solution process should be considered as a process of democratization at the same time, expectations and demands of all sections of society from peace should take part in the negotiations without creating new "others" or "marginal” groups .

We emphasize again that socialization of peace and rendering peace sustainable is possible if only women's demands, half of the society's demands are realized.

We have a say, We have the power!!!

Women's Initiative for Peace

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