3 Most Successful Gambler Women In The World

All this time we know about poker, casino or even sportsbook winners are mostly from men, but here I want to share something about 3 most successful gambler women in the world. Though many of the women who become champions and make a record but never discussed. So with that I invite you all to discuss the 3 Best Women’s Gambling World.

3 Most Successful Gambler Women In The World

Most Successful Gambler Women

Eleanor Dumont

Eleanor Dumont, this French-born woman became the first woman in blackjack history. Where Eleanor moved to Nevada in 1854 and opened a casino gambling house in the largest gold mining town in the world. The casino gambling house that opened it has some law that is somewhat ridiculous. The rules that eleanor manifest themselves are Players are prohibited from applying shabby and abusive language.

The city of Nevada is a mine town full of uneducated unskilled workers. But the rough-working workers of all that will be subjected to the order of Eleanor. Instead they all really respected Eleanor and called him by the name of Madam Eleanor.

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Madam Eleanor herself really appreciates your guests who come to her casino, although not every time to get a profit but sellau to distribute champagne free of charge to the visitors. Eleanor even often hand themselves into dealers and mingle with visitors. The players are more willing to give up on elaenor’s hand than to buckle in the hands of other dealers. In 2006, Madam Eleanor successfully entered Hall Of The Fame with the title of the first professional women gambler in the world.

Alice Walker

Not many stories can be mentioned about Alice Walker. In 2007 Alice modeled the world’s blackjack tournament and imitated a fairly long journey along with 40 of the world’s best gambling players from all over the world. Alice successfully subvert them and become champions with prize points to take 500,000 US dollars.

a brief review of the 3 Best Woman World Gamblers. From the story above it is not only the men who dominate gambling games. With the rapid development of this era, many women are also starting to plunge into the world of gambling. Hopefully this article can encourage women not to want to give to the men.

Widyanti Angela Kusuma

In addition to Eleanor Dumont and Alice Walker, there is another great woman in playing gambling from Indonesia named Widyanti Angela Kusuma or better known as Yanti. Women born in malang city in 1987 that has the blood of Java and Manado managed to win a total of 5 billion cash in a period of 3 years playing gambling.

Unlike the two veteran gamblers who are at the top, Yanti is very fond of playing online gambling balls. The woman who is a graduate of one of the famous universities in the city of Yogyakarta is admitted is a big fan of Manchester United. Wanting to always give support to his favorite team, Yanti willing to stay up and even often wake up late because late to bed. But he thinks why not try to turn it into a lucrative activity. At the suggestion of his friend, yanti finally plays the bet on the reliable football agent or In Indonesian called as agen judi bola terpercaya that makes it like it is today.

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